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Lecsoblog was created by Butterfly Free Flow Development, a non- governmental organization in order to inform the members of our vegetable community and the wider public about topics such as seasonal diet, community based agriculture and social business.

The Pro Lecsó vegetable community came to life in the spirit of community based agriculture, with the aim to support the livelihood of an underpriviliged rural community who have undertaken low scale, chemical free vegetable production. Members of our vegetable community receive every week a box of fresh, season vegetables from our producers in Hejőszalonta.

As you can see, our blog is still under development. In the future, we plan to write informative articles about the following topics:

1. Nutrition

  • Eating habits and their implications for helath, society and the environment: Healthy diet; effects of meat consumption on the environment; the social and environmental implications of industrial agriculture; health aspects of processed foods; origin of  food; importance of a seasonal, vegatable based diet; special diets (vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan)
  • Practical aspects: recipes, ingredients

2.       Community based agriculture

  • The history of the community based agriculture movement;  hungarian state of community based agriculture; opportunities and difficulties concerning community based agriculture
  • Introduction to the Pro Lecsó and Privát Lecsó projects

3. New economic systems

  • Social businnes: the work of Muhammad Yunus, history; the 7 principles of social business
  • Blue economy
  • Indicators of succes beyond GDP: Gross National Happiness; Ecological Footprint; Experienced Well- being; Happy Planet Index
  • Agro- based social business: international examples
  • Practical aspects: Realisation of the principles of Social business and Blue economy in the Pro Lecso programmes

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